UW-Madison's hub for creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Our Focus

We help students transcend all boundaries to build successful products and companies.
Breaking Barriers

Transcend isn’t limited to a specific college or major – we aid in bringing together students from all backgrounds interested in entrepreneurship.

Hosting and Promoting Community Events

Staying active in Madison’s busy entrepreneurial community has never been easier. Transcend will keep you posted on the latest entrepreneurial events in Madison.

One Stop Entrepreneurial Resource

Need to 3D print a prototype quick? Need design advice for that logo you’re working on? Transcend can connect you with the people and tools to get things done.

About Us

Madison's innovate student project hub
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Transcend was started in 2013 with the idea that UW-Madison needed a hub on campus for student innovators and entrepreneurs.

Through hangout sessions and project collaboration between students from a variety of disciplines, Transcend serves as an informal networking opportunity and gives members the chance to meet people outside of their own majors.

Transcend encourages members to pursue independent ideas while providing support through project feedback and partnering with professors, investors and area entrepreneurs to lead informative workshops and lectures.

If innovation and entrepreneurship interests you, check out Transcend and meet a diverse group of people and find the support to actualize your dreams.

Our Team

We are a collective of thinkers, movers, and shakers.
Mike Fix
Mike is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering. His passion for entrepreneurship has helped him grow Transcend into what it is today.
Alex Valaitis
Vice President
Alex is a Computer Science & Economics major. He is the Founder of the gym/fitness analytics startup, Weight Your Turn.
Zack Bahner
Zack is a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering with great experience in solid modeling.
Max McGuniess
Project Review Captain
Max is a problem solver with a passion for collaborating on creative endeavors and innovative ideas. He is a senior in Mechanical Engineering with a certificate in Entrepreneurship.
Brian Dennis
Computer Science Liason
Brian is freshman at UW-Madison, pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Brian’s love for all things computing has led him to win several hackathons.
Cadence Bambenek
Marketing Manager
Sophomore at UW-Madison pursuing Journalism and studying Mandarin Chinese. I’m inquisitive with a passion for telling stories.
James Cho
Event Coordinator
Sophomore Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics engineer. I love basketball and snowboarding. Interested in the startup space especially in the technology sector. Always trying to start new projects and learn new things.
Tyler Vanzo
Event Coordinator
Tyler is a sophomore at UW majoring in Finance, Investment, and Banking. He has been passionate about entrepreneurship since a young age and is always looking for new projects to work on.
Jake Dexheimer
Website Architect
Jake is a freshman, pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering/ Computer Science. Jake’s ability to create websites/web applications with an eye for design has him busy in the Madison startup scene.

Past Events

Here are a few of the events we have hosted.